Parkinson’s Education Series 2017


(Unless noted otherwise, education events are held at the Al Sigl Center, Door 1, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester NY 14620)

PD 101/201/301  Series

This series is for anyone who wants to learn more about Parkinson disease, including family members, friends and other support people.  There is no cost to attend.
This is 3-part lecture series covers introductory “Need to Know” material presented by Dr. Michelle Burack, a Parkinson’s specialist from the University of Rochester Medical Center, Department of Neurology,  Movement Disorders Unit.
Participants are invited to attend any session, you need not attend all three.

September 23 – PD 101 Getting to Know PD Registration Link:

Click PD101 getting to know PD Spring 2018 for PD 101 slides

October 21 – PD 201 Self-Care Strategies Registration Link:

Click here for PD 201 slides

November 11 – PD 301 Treatment for PD Registration Link: